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About us

Zubr Capital is the first professional private firm that manages private equity funds in the Republic of Belarus. The company was established by the top-management of Atlant-M Holding in 2009. Atlant-M Holding is a group formed by 28 portfolio companies, which operate in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, with total annual turnover more than USD 1 billion
Chief Executive Officer of Zubr Capital is Oleg Khusaenov.

The Company’s Sphere of interest includes:

  • Buyout of private and state-owned companies and their subsequent development;
  • Contribution of growth capital to small and middle-size enterprises by  way of increase of their share capital.

Regional focus: Common Economic Space (CES) - mainly manufacturing companies located in Belarus and demonstrating export potential to the CES.

Zubr Capital contribution:

  • Providing growth capital and assisting in fundraising for operational and investment activities of  portfolio companies;
  • Planning a development strategy for portfolio companies;
  • Key business-processes engineering;
  • Establishing financial management and managerial accounting systems;
  • Organizing system of HR development, training and management (including use of resources of the Institute of Business Technologies in Minsk );
  • Structuring business in order to increase its value and raise its attractiveness for strategic investors or for IPO.

One of the strongest points of Zubr Capital is its back office. We work efficiently in the fields of strategy planning, financial modeling, HR policy development, corporate culture building as well as business process automation in order to achieve the highest labor efficiency.
These technologies were worked out in Atlant-M, then successfully tested in MTBank, implemented in Atlant Telecom and now they are being evaluated in Atlant Consult. These technologies have proved to work efficiently and that is the reason why we always achieve the results that have been planned. We do not need to reinvent the wheel every time. We understand business development as accurate and comprehensive use of technologies we have already developed by ourselves and tested in our business practice. Our knowledge, experience and technologies serve as our guarantee.

Oleg Khusaenov

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