Zubr Capital
21 june 2017

The biggest sites of car advertising av.by and A.TUT.BY announced amalgamation and selling the share to Zubr Capital Fund

The biggest sites of car advertising av.by and A.TUT.BY announced amalgamation and selling the share to Zubr Capital Fund. The deal was on the 26th of May 2017. “TUT BY MEDIA” and founders of av.by, Zaitsevs family, announced amalgamation of two leading sites of car advertising av.by and TUT.BY (as a result of amalgamation remains brand av.by only) and became a portfolio company of Zubr Capital Fund I.

Av.by will be the leading multiplatform of the 1st contact of seller and buyer of cars. The primary audience of the site will be private customers which sell and buy cars, autocenters and advertisers of the project.    

Today over 360 thousand unique users per month visit av.by, page views are over 140 mln per month. It is expected the growth of figures for 10 % after amalgamation.

According to researches the market b2c of classifieds was about 10 mln USD in 2016, that explains the interest of Zubr Capital Fund I to classifieds market.  

“In this deal Zubr Capital was not only the player who is an expert in auto retail market and business processes but first we played the role of mediator and arbiter providing efficient dialogue between two strong car advertising online platforms” – said Oleg Khusaenov, CEO of Zubr Capital.

Dmitry Geranin, CEO of av.by, thinks that the amalgamation of two strong players under one brand av.by is the step toward users. “We do save time of users. Before you should advertise on several sites. Now it is important to remember that if you want to sell a car you will do it on av.by” – he said.

Sergei Osipov became the member of the Board. He has over 20 years’ experience in internet business including the development of classifieds. Osipov is the founder and director of advertising service incubator “Business world online” (2008-2014), co-owner Cian.ru (N 1 classified in real estates, TOP-20 of the most expensive Russian internet companies according to Forbs) and Gruzovik.ru (N 1 classified in commercial transport and custom vehicles).

Looking back, at the end of 2016 Zubr Capital starts the new Zubr Capital Fund I, 50 mln USD, which targeting on fast growing companies with export potential and which show fast recovery after devaluation. Av.by became the third company in Zubr Capital Fund I portfolio (the first deal was with the biggest developer of bank software SoftClub in 2015, the second one was in 2017 with the biggest e-commerce platform in Belarus).