Business meeting with Zubr Capital team

A year ago, the investment company Zubr Capital published the book “All companies are happy in the same way”, in which it tried to present an algorithm to help a business on its way to success.

 We understand that in business as well as in sport, it is important to build up a system that will work efficiently and smoothly. Business is not a sprint race; it is a marathon with obstacles, where correctly calculated strength is more important than speed. Without a system it is extremely difficult to build up a large and successful business as it shows the experience of successful Belarusian companies from EPAM to A-100.

In 2018 Zubr Capital with the support of the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the Republic of Belarus conducted 5 seminars in every regional citie. In general, more than 400 entrepreneurs from the regions attended the event.

We met a generous positive response so that it was decided to hold a business meeting in Minsk.  The program of the event will include such units as:

  •  The structure of the company
  •  Creating a company strategy
  •  Financial management
  •  Personnel Management
  •  Brand building
  •  Business processes and automation

“Success in business is very similar to the way of a champion at the Olympic games. Achieving success is preceded by painstaking daily work, setbacks and many years of training. There is a risk to make many trivial mistakes and never reach the top relying only on your own experience. That is why both in sport and in business it is important to gain and think over the experience of successful, experienced companies. We hope that this event will inspire you on your own way to the Olympic medal in business”
Oleg KhusaenovCEO Zubr Capital

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