Publishing of the book "All companies are happy in the same way"

The book “All companies are happy in the same way” is a kind of “business textbook”, based on 25 years experience of businessman Oleg Khusaenov and the team “Zubr Capital”.  The main feature of the book is that all the tips and tools described there are applicable to the companies of any size and more than once tested in Belarusian realities.

How the book "All companies are happy in the same way" was published?

During their work, Zubr Capital team studied the cases of 700 businesses, the experts personally visited more than 200 companies.  We also asked the most successful Belarusian businessmen to give their advice on various issues: from creation management accounting to building business processes.  This is a vast study of the Belarusian business allowed us to write a book that can easily become a desk book for a newcomer.

What is the book "All companies are happy in the same way" about?

Of course, about building a successful business.  Our experience shows that business is a long game.  Any company, which wants to flourish for many years, needs a system that will help to step up every day. 

Company Structure


Brand Business processes and automation

Zubr Capital has already published more than 1,500 copies of the book and presented them to Belarusian entrepreneurs.  But it seems to us that our "business textbook" is still in great demand.  We offer entrepreneurs to take initiative and order a book in a convenient for them format and quantity.  That is why Zubr Capital launched a crowd campaign on platform.

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