Zubr Capital and XO-gallery became co-organizers of the Beijing International Biennale

On August 30, 2019, within the framework of the Eighth Beijing International Biennale, the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus started its work.  The exhibition was organized by the XO-gallery with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus.  During the opening ceremony, the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the PRC Rudy K.V. delivered a welcoming speech.

The Beijing International Art Biennale is one of the world's largest art forums.  Within the framework of the Biennale, four national expositions were organized - the Republic of Belarus, the USA, South Korea, New Zealand, two group ones by member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, as well as Spain and Latin America.

Thanks to the wide range of completely different author’s views in one exhibition, the guest will be able to make a rather deep journey into the contemporary art of Belarus and understand that the main themes of Belarusian art are humanistic ideals - beauty, harmony, the value of human life and faith in good.

Экспозиция представляет как широкую стилевую панораму, так и разные поколения белорусского искусства, сформировавшие свой художественный язык в отличающихся условиях и исторических периодах. Старшее поколение - Адам Глобус, Сергей Гриневич, Илона Кособуко, Юрий Яковенко, Татьяна Радивилко, Сергей Гриневич, Сергей Селецкий, Андрей Осташов, Александр Шаппо - принадлежат к поколению 50-60-х гг. ХХ века, прошедшие к настоящему моменту длинный творческий путь и представляющие зрелое современное искусство Беларуси. Их художественное видение рождалось в 90-е годы - переломный момент современной истории Беларуси. 

 The Biennale is held at the National Art Museum of China (Beijing), the theme of the event is “A Diverse World and One Destiny”.  Duration of exposure: 08/30/2019 -23.09.2019. 

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