Zubr Capital team conducted a seminar for entrepreneurs in Grodno

On August 30, Zubr Capital team conducted a training seminar for Grodno entrepreneurs. More than 50 owners and top managers of companies, representatives of state enterprises attended the event.  

 The whole seminar consisted of six modules, which correspond to the heads of the book “All companies are happy in the same way”, written by the team of “Zubr Capital”.  By the way, each seminar participant received a book as a gift at the end of the seminar.

The first block was devoted to creating the right company structure.  Managing partner of Zubr Capital Sergey Riabuhin spoke about the balanced structuring of the front, middle, back office of the company.  He also spoke about the role of the leader and the team in doing a successful business.

The second block was devoted to creating a company strategy.  Zubr Capital experts have developed a simplified strategy development mechanism for small companies.  Business owners listened  to the report with great interest  and asked many questions.

 The third block was devoted to building up an effective financial structure of the company.  The Head of the Department of Controlling and Risk Management, Evgeniy Bachishchev spoke about the main types of accounting and also cowered the topic of building up a financial management system in the company.

The fourth module of the seminar was dedicated to personnel management.  HR Manager of "Zubr Capital" Veronika Baranova spoke about human resource management both at the company and employee level.  The guests were  particularly interested in the issues of non-financial motivation of employees.

The fifth module was devoted to the creation of the company's brand.  Brand-manager of Zubr Capital Daria Ksenzova told the audience about the brand's theory, the method of building the brand by Thomas Gad as well as its digitization.

 The final module was devoted to the topic of building up business processes and automation.

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