Oleg Khusaenov addressed a meeting with the League of Analysts’ students

Zubr Capital, together with the IPM Business School and BEROC, continues to educate students taking part in the League of Analysts. This is an educational project for graduates and the fastest opportunity to build a career in the sphere of investment and finance. 25 students were selected, who after graduation and successful passing the exams, can become part of the Major League in business.
On November 13, CEO and founder of Zubr Capital, Oleg Khusaenov, spoke to students of the League of Analysts and told them what qualities they would need for their future profession and what they should pay attention to if they want to build a successful career.

From the Oleg Khusaenov“s speech, we selected several books that he strongly recommends to read if you need better understanding of the funds’ investment activities
Must-read list: 

  • King of Capital by John E. Morris, David Carey
  • The origin of the PEF industry
  • Barbarians at the Gate by Bryan Burrough, John Helyar
  • The Predators' Ball by Connie Bruck

Useful books

  • When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein
  • Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis
  •  Titan by Ron Chernow

You can find out more about the League of Analysts project at liga.zubrcapital.by

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