A record number of participants attended Zubr Capital seminar in Brest

Zubr Capital employees conducted a seminar in Brest yesterday. We thank all the entrepreneurs who attended the training.  We sincerely hope that you will be able to apply your knowledge in practice.  I would like to note the activity of the business community of the Brest region - more than 120 representatives of business and government organizations attended the event.

Traditionally, the training was divided into 6 modules.  The first one, dedicated to the structure of the company, leadership and search for business capital, was conducted by Oleg Khusayenov, CEO of Zubr Capital. He also shared with entrepreneurs knowledge of strategy building.  This information includes the second module of Zubr Capital training seminars.

 The third module dedicated to the company's finances was read by Nikita Krivelevich, an investment manager.

 Block number four covered personnel management issues.  HR-manager Veronika Baranova spoke about building up personnel policy, corporate culture and many other aspects of personnel management.

 The fifth block was devoted to building up brand strategy. Brand manager Daria Ksenzova covered these issues.

 The final block was devoted to the topic of business processes and company automation and aroused great interest among the listeners.  Investment manager Andrei Filon was in charge of this part of the seminar.

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