The book "All companies are happy in the same way" by Zubr Capital is now available on Amazon

At the end of 2017, the investment company Zubr Capital published a book. The book tells you how to do your business and what novice entrepreneurs need to pay attention to.

The paper version of the book was presented by Zubr Capital employees to clients and partners as well as distributed to entrepreneurs from the regions. More than 600 people attended a course of 6 lectures and received the book "All companies are happy at the same way" to consolidate the material. 

The electronic version of the book is available on the website Anyone can register in the system and get the book in PDF format.

Now, the book "All companies are happy at the same way" is available for reading in an electronic version on Amazon Kindle devices and in the Amazon Kindle app for mobile devices.

We understand that the most convenient way to have a book at hand is not in PDF format, which is easy to read from a laptop or tablet screen, but in e- book format. We thought about which platform is best for creating and uploading an e-book. We considered the best option to upload the book to the largest e-book platform in the world Amazon.
Darya Ksenzova Brand Manager Zubr Capital
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