Seminar Effective Company’s Management was in Mogilev

   Seminar Effective Company’s Management was in Mogilev was in Mogilev in the 19-th of July. The seminar was organized by the investment company Zubr Capital and was in uniform "practice for practitioners".


   Seminar Effective Company’s Management  in Mogilev  gathered  about a hundred participants. Among them - the top managers and owners of private companies, the public sector, as well as young, ambitious students. This is the third workshop, which conducts investment company  Zubr Capital.

   Opening the seminar in Mogilev, CEO Zubr Capital Oleg Khusaenov said: "Seminar Effective Company’s Management  is like micro-MBA. Business technology, our more than twenty years of experience - all this we will try to pass for the four hours. I also believe that any company is a living organism. And we will try to show today: how a company should work out to be healthy, that is success".

   During the seminar, speakers, and that the top management of Zubr  Capital, MTBank, Atlant-M have shared their expertise in the development of strategies of management accounting, HR-functions, the development of a strong brand, analyzing and segmenting the market, etc.

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