The exhibition of contemporary Belarusian painting “Cultural landscapes of Belarus” started its work in China

 On April 26, a vast exhibition of contemporary Belarusian painting “Cultural Landscapes of Belarus” started its work in the Guangzhou Art Museum.


 It presents about 80 paintings of nine modern Belarusian artists, made in different styles and techniques.  The basis of the exhibition is the collection of the famous Belarusian businessman and philanthropist Oleg Khusaenov.  The largest private collection of Belarusian contemporary art is on display in China for the first time.  Previously, works from the collection were exhibited at the National Art Museum of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and France.


 Artists participating in the project represent the mature contemporary art of Belarus.  Various styles of painting are presented: conceptual art (R.Vashkevich, Z.Kapustnikova), pop art (S. Grinevich), historical academism (V.Alshevsky), naive art (S.Kaval), primitivism (V.Stalmahov), abstract  art (V. Shilko), hyperrealism (A. Domanov), graphic minimalism (I. Kosobuko).

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the People’s Republic of China, the Guangzhou Art Museum, the investment company Zubr Capital, and the XO Gallery private collection.  It will last til May 20, 2018.


“We bring to China the best part of the collection that I have collected over the past 20 years. In the 1990s, I began to buy works of art that I liked, which mostly attracted me emotionally. These were the first steps towards a large collection. Now it has more than 500 works of Belarusian authors. I suppose that the exhibition will be remembered by the Chinese audience for the high level of the Belarusian academic school of painting as well as for the modern themes of the works"
Oleg KhusaenovCEO Zubr Capital

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