Strategy for Investment in the Republic of Belarus

   Two speakers of the investment company Zubr Capital at once participated in the series of workshops “Strategy for Investment in the Republic of Belarus: possibilities and risks”. The event was hosted by the Association of European Business and gathered representatives of large private companies and investors. As noted Yulia Krynskaya, the event organizer: “We decided to hold this series of workshops in order to provide the participants with specific instruments for their business optimization. We are skipping all waste information preserving only the core issues as well as offer unique platform for business-networking”.


   Investment company Zubr Capital, mission whereof is: “to improve the world around due to investment and management activities” made two presentations in the course of the workshops.

   Senior Investment Analyst Andrei Filon delivered a speech on formation of a companies’ search strategy for investment. This speech was useful not only for the companies seeking for investments, but also for investors themselves. 


   Investor Relations Manager of Zubr Capital reported on ways of functioning of private equity funds within the scope of the topic “Strategy for Investment in the Republic of Belarus: legal and fiscal possibilities and risks”. 


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