Zubr Capital has attracted investments in MEDIACUBE

Zubr Capital has attracted investments in MEDIACUBE, the company-developer of IT-solutions for video-creators and musicians. MediaCube is an international company that develops its own IT-solutions for video-creators and musicians, monetizes and distributes their content on different platforms and protects copyright. MediaCube is a partner of YouTube and TikTok.

Clients of MediaCube are YouTube-creators, well-known brands and artists from 64 countries. Presently, the company has more than 1000 authors-partners. Among the well-known MediaCube partners from the CIS - bloggers are Vlad  Bumaga (A4), Dima Maslennikov, Priyatnyj Ildar, Egor Creed, Sergey Lazarev. Total audience of all creators is more than 200 million people. The company is among the Top-25 YouTube partner networks worldwide.

The content market on the YouTube platform has been growing at a rate of 50% per year. Google's annual revenue from YouTube was US$ $4 billion, as of July 2019. There are approximately 50 million creators worldwide. According to the latest data by YouTube Statistics, the total number of monthly active YouTube users is around 1.9 billion. The average content viewing session was 40 minutes in 2018. 

«Mediacube is a great example of a business that operates in a changing market of entertainment content. Earlier, television corporations were entertainment providers in our house, whereas nowadays is the time when everyone can create videos and upload them to the network. Every minute, 300 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube. We understand that companies that providing services for creators will grow and develop rapidly. In MediaCube we saw a dynamic team, which is very well aware of what the creators in different parts of the globe want, and is able to respond quickly to changes and trends of the growing market», - said Oleg Khusaenov, Managing Partner and CEO Zubr Capital, a private equity fund management company based in Minsk.

Zubr Capital Fund I acquired a minority stake in MediaCube. Zubr Capital Fund I a fund managed by Zubr Capital.

«The deal with MediaCube is unique, as it is the first Private Equity deal in Belarus structured in the High Technology Park. Five years ago, no one could even imagine that such a the deal would be structured and closed in Belarus. Changes in national legislation enacted in 2018 allowed transaction to be completed. The legal sphere is quite conservative and the task of structuring the transaction became a challenge to which we gladly responded. I am sure that this is not the last deal with the application of the Belarusian legislation, and the experience of Zubr Capital will benefit other players of the investment ecosystem», - said an investment Director of Zubr Capital Victor Denisevich who was leading the transaction.

Investments will be directed to the development of IT-ecosystem for creators. Until present, MediaCube has developed several unique solutions:

  • Express Payments: a product aimed at advancing funds for content creators. Built on the mechanics of factoring, allowing a creator to use money before actual payment is made by partners.
  • Stats: the system  containing information from 35 million various channels and allowing to analyze them and to effectively plan targeted advertising campaigns.
  • MediaCube ID: authorization and identification system collecting in one place statistical and financial information of users. It includes an Electronic Wallet function that tan be used by each creator present on the platform.  Electronic Wallet  allows its user to use his funds at his own discretion at any time. No other Creator Platform provides such a unique user experience. 

Mediacube company is focused on creating its own IT-products, and it distinguishes us from other companies operating in this market. We understand that the introduction of new unique services for creators will help them to manage their content more effectively, protect copyrights and, ultimately, earn more. Zubr Capital investments will give our company the necessary resources to create the most ambitious and modern IT solutions for creators, which they could not even dream of a few years ago.
Michael BychenokCEO and Founder MediaCube

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