Zubr Capital gave masterclass for business-community

   The team of investment company Zubr Capital have opened the series of the educational trainings “Business in Flex Style” launched by MTBank.


   Business in Flex Style is educational initiative of MTBank designated for business development. It is based on the principle of flexible learning and a special format, when the audience may observe the ways of building of business from the insight from the prospective of the most successful companies in Belarus.


   While opening the series of trainings Business in Flex Style, the CEO of the investment company Zubr Capital noted that the successful business model is being built on the subsequent strategy and persistent work: “There is no miracle. Successful business is, primarily, powerful business-technologies that are subsequently implemented within the company. I am an engineer-aviator by education: For several years I was studying how the planes are constructed and why they do not fall. It is a complicated process laid out of the dozens of small components. These components are formed based on very strict processes. Therefore, millions of planes go aloft and do not fall. The same is in the business-community, the order beats the class”.


   During the training the team of Zubr Capital top-managers shared secrets of effective business development and more than twenty year experience of formation of the back-office. Sergey Riabuhin reported on the system of HR work formation, and Olga Rotko described in details the system of financial management as well as shared her observations regarding purposes of organizing the two types of accounting – fiscal and management accounting at a company.


   There was also reserved place for surprises: the participants of the training, who asked three most interesting questions that really put the speakers on thinking cap, received exclusive books for Atlant-M partners and friends, released with regard to twentieth anniversary of the company “For those who are over twenties. Business history of Atlant-M”.


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