Zubr Capital conducted master-class for entrepreneurs

   On 24th November International Week of Entrepreneurship in Belarus was officially closed. Various competitions, master classes and discussions on the most urgent business-topics in Belarus were held During the whole week.


   Oleg Khusaenov, CEO of investment company Zubr Capital conducted a master class within the International Week on 19th November. He shared his experience of successful organization of business, spoke about the leader’s role in a team, as well as about most important issues to take care of while building private business.  


   Oleg Khusaenov noticed that: “Considering various stories of the companies’ success, it is worth to notice that regardless of the focus industry of a company, its geography, number of employees, all successful companies have something in common. A company will become successful if there is a “golden triangle”: Leader, Team, Capital in such a company”


   Based on the examples of Zubr Capital portfolio companies Oleg Khusaenov explained how it is possible to achieve impressive results in business. 


   After the speech, Mr. Khusaenov gladly answered all the questions of the audience, even tricky ones. On the question whether the CEO of Zubr Capital is afraid to share his secrets of success, Oleg Khusaenov remarked that nobody has to be afraid of sharing its knowledge and experience. He noticed that: “Belarusian business lacks a platform for communication. When businessmen are meeting and sharing their opinions, they increase business level in whole and create more favourable business climate. 

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