Zubr Capital held mini MBA for Belarusian students

   The first cycle of seminars “Start-up Capital” which the Zubr Capital team had developed for Belarusian students and alumni successfully started on the 13thof December in BC IMAGURU.


   The seminar gathered more than 170 participants, including students who are about to graduate, alumni and young employees. The Zubr Capital top-managers told the participants about basics of business in Belarus. The seminar was divided into two parts: Career Start-up and Business Start-up.


   The Career Start-up was dedicated to ways of building a successful career, career management, issues that have to be emphasized and questions that have to be answered in order to plan thoroughly the career growth. Two speakers – Oleg Khusaenov and Siargey Riabuhin shared their experiences in this field. By the way, answering the question from public “Is it possible to succeed in anything?” the CEO of Investment Company Zubr Capital told “In my view, everything can be managed in life: being a successful businessman, spending time with family, doing sports and resting. The main thing is to distribute your time correctly. Such a simple instrument as a daily planner helps me in this”. By demonstrating to all the attendants his daily planner and speaking about the principles of its keeping, Oleg Khusaenov once again confirmed a famous phrase: everything genius is simple.

   The second part of the seminar Business Start-up was dedicated to basics of business. The speakers told the participants about principles of work in five most important business spheres: market, finances, business-processes, personnel and brand. Students and alumni could attend classes of practitioners who gave useful advice and recommendations about mistakes that can be escaped and to what issues to bring attention.


   In the whole, the seminar passed in one breath. The participants asked lots of questions. By the way, three participants who asked the most interesting questions, in opinion of the Zubr Capital team, were awarded. And the asked questions were absolutely different: from “What is your global goal?” to “How are you cooperating with employees of introvert type?” Unsurprisingly that the powerful of the world were quoted during the seminar. In particular, speaking of responsibility zones, Oleg Khusaenov quoted Napoleon’s principle: “Two good generals at the battlefield are always worse than the one bad”.

   By the way, Investment Company Zubr Capital is planning to hold such meetings with students on a regular basis. 

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