Zubr Capital has become a partner of Vitamin A - an accelerator platform for small businesses

Vitamin A is an accelerator platform that combines all the content and educational resources of the Pro Business portal and Alfa Bank, which are the best business experts on the market.  The investment companies Zubr Capital and Quattro Capital, the Angels Band business community participate in the project as mentors and partners.  The experts of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are information partners of the project.

How will it work?

The Vitamin A platform will consist of two levels.  The first one is basic: the participants will receive educational materials by subscription from our experts in all major business spheres — management, human resources, marketing, sales, finance, law — with the ability to ask specific questions and receive answers from our experts in the format of a webinar, article or  live master class.  Also, participants of the basic level of Vitamin A will be able to use all the necessary financial and non-financial services of Alfa-Bank.  The cost of subscribing will be available for any business.

The second level is the “TOP” level.  If being selected, small businesses will be able to get it for free.  The criteria will be financial indicators and their dynamics, business literacy (knowledge of the main aspects of the business) and the previous activity of the candidate at a basic level.  Those who pass the selection and get to the “TOP” level will be able to get personal advice from our mentors and experts, as well as the opportunity to attract investment in their business.

As an investment company, we are always in search of new fast-growing and high-tech companies. Private business in Belarus is quite young, so we see great benefits in a variety of educational programs and projects. We see great opportunities for companies and investors in this project, as everyone can get what they want: businesses - competencies and financing, and investors - access to high-quality projects
Sergey Ryabukhin Managing Partner of Zubr Capital

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