Zubr Capital launches an educational project for students “League of Analysts”

 The investment company Zubr Capital with the IPM Business School and the BEROC Center for Economic Research is launching an educational project for graduates.  Its goal is to prepare students of specialized faculties for work as an investment or financial analyst.

 At the moment, Belarusian universities are seen to provide students with a good scientific base, but practical skills are rather low in the field of finance and investment, so companies have to make great efforts to adapt theoretical knowledge to practical tasks.  Our experience shows that in recent years there has been a shortage of qualified specialists in the field of finance and analytics in the labor market.  We understand that it is necessary to develop the country's infrastructure as a whole and create specialized training programs for the effective work of companies in Belarus.

And this was the reason for launching the “Analyst League” educational project, the goal of which is to give students of economic and mathematical specialties the real practical knowledge and an excellent career start.

 The partners of the educational project were BEROC and the IPM Business School..  The program is planned for 7 months and will include such disciplines as financial accounting and analysis, the basics of corporate finance and company valuation, financial modeling and many other disciplines.

 “Belarusian business today has faced the problem of global competition: in order to be successful in the domestic market, one has to compete also with international companies.  And this is a huge challenge for our entrepreneurs.  When I started in the 1990s, a businessman needed just enough ambitions, intuition and desire to earn money.  This is not enough today.  The ability to evaluate your business and knowledge of how to increase its value becomes extremely important.  We have only a few specialists with the necessary competencies for this.  And the demand for them will grow rapidly in the nearest future.  IPM Business School decided to contribute to their preparation, based on international teaching standards and knowledge of the Belarusian business specifics”, - said Pavel Daneyko, Director of the IPM Business School.

 “The BEROC Center for Economic Research considers it logical and correct to take part in the League of Analysts project.  One of our main goals is to disseminate relevant knowledge in the field of economics and finance.  Our role in this project is to attract teachers from leading Western universities to help talented Belarusian students get an international education.  We are sure that the cooperation of modern academic research, knowledge of the realities of the Belarusian business provided by  IPM Business School and Zubr Capital will give excellent results”, - said Victor Arshavsky, senior researcher at BEROC, Ph.D.  from New York University.

 The training format combines lectures, homework, master classes of Zubr Capital managers and personally Oleg Khusaenov, case championships, business simulations and a graduation project.  Program participants will have the opportunity to observe the real business project inside information, speak to top managers of the Zubr Capital portfolio companies.

 “Unlike other educational projects, our students are provided with structured practical knowledge - modern tools and approaches to work.  Ir isn’t a secret that our main goal is to prepare a specialist who will be able to work in any Zubr Capital portfolio company and show good results from the first day of work after 7 months’ training.  We will try to give students access to those aspects that they do not have the opportunity to get acquainted during their studies at the university - top management of companies, real numbers and problems of business, strategic level of company management.  We are confident that any student after graduating from the League of Analysts will be a sought-after specialist in the labor market" , -said Sergey Ryabukhin, Managing Partner of Zub Capital.

 The result of the training will be the preparation of a graduation project using real company data as an example, obtaining a state certificate and an internship at Zubr Capital or portfolio companies.  The best students will receive their first job and a successful start in the career of an analyst.

 You can apply for training on the website: https://liga.zubrcapital.by/ 

 Enrollment is carried out on a competitive basis: based on the results of the interview and test tasks.

“We would really like to show the young and promising guys the drive and energy of investment activity. The profession of a developer has been popularized a lot, but in the field of finance and investment there are no less exciting and promising areas. The students do not always have enough practical knowledge to realize their ambitions. Today they talk a lot about startups, their successful launches and sales. We wondered what could be more exciting than working in a startup? And the answer was pretty obvious: evaluate, buy and sell businesses! And our goal is to ensure the student who comes to the League of Analysts that he or she can do it in a short time”

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