Book «All Happy Companies Are Happy in The Same Way»


In 2017, the investment company Zubr Capital published a book "All companies are happy in the same way", in which Zubr Capital team tried to formulate the algorithm that can help businesses on the path to success. We believe all happy companies are happy in the same way. Our positon is based on more than twenty five years of experience of working on markets of Belarus and neighboring countries. Over the course of its existence, Zubr Capital, as an investment company, analyzed approximately 700 private and state companies; moreover, discussions were held only with top-managers, owners or actual founders of the companies.

We understand that in business, as in sports, it is important to build a system that will work efficiently.

Business is not a sprint race, it is a marathon with obstacles, where it is important not so much speed as properly calculated forces. No good business can be built without a systematic approach that is proven through the examples of success stories such Belarussian business companies as Wargaming, Epam».

What is this book about?

About how to build a successful business, of course. Our experience shows that business is a long game. If a company wants to thrive for many years, it needs a system that will help the business grow every day.

The fundamentals of business
Zubr Capital team is confident that for the success of the company it is necessary to develop all areas: Front, Middle and, of course, back-office. What is included in each of these areas, how to develop them, you can read in the Chapter "Fundamentals of business."
The term "strategy" has a military origin and means "leading the army". There is something in common between business and conducting war. Companies fight for customers, for markets and territories, for leading positions. It is no secret that inferior in numbers and weapons of the army won the battle thanks to a competent strategy, which often happens in the competition between companies. In short, it is not surprising that strategy has become an important part of doing business.
Financial management is an important part of any company. In this chapter, we will talk about how to build the work of the financial unit of the company properly. No matter how many people work in your company – 2 or 10 000, the structure of financial management will obey the same logic.
Business is often compared to the art of warfare, which means that a good businessman, like outstanding generals, must be able to form, motivate and work with a team. The significance of this work is well described by the entrepreneur-legend John Rockefeller: "for the ability to work with people, I will pay more than for anything else in the world."
What is a brand? From definitions of this concept, it is possible to make the whole dictionary, but if to reduce them to one denominator, the essence can be expressed in one phrase. Brand is representation about the goods or service in the head of the consumer. The purpose of brand is to fill a place in the head of customers. The brand is an intangible asset of the company and can become one of its strategic advantages..
Business processes
Every day, any company performs a series of repetitive actions-from paying bills to customer service. This means that its activities can be described as a series of repetitive processes. Business processes help to understand the work process better, break it down into its components, understand what factors affect the efficiency of work to improve the latter.

How to get the book?

Now we have decided that everyone should be able to download the book «All Happy Companies Are Happy in The Same Way». But in addition you get the opportunity to get on the radar of experts Zubr Capital. So fill out a short questionnaire and get a download link.