Uniflex is one of the largest printing companies in the flexographic industry in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe, full cycle flexographic printing typography. The company is the winner of international competitions for manufacturers of packaging and self-adhesive labels: FlexoTech, EFIA Awards, FTA Europe Diamond Awards.

Key markets: CIS, Europe.

Uniflex offers a wide range of flexible packaging such as vacuum bags, pouches, sachets, roll packaging, and self-adhesive labels using a combination of different materials (polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyethylene, foils).

Technological capabilities: 

  • They print up to 10 colors on any type of flexible laminated films within 12 to 200 micron range.
  • Uniflex implemented the advanced technologies of flexo printing: Full HD Flexo, HD Flexo, Multicolor.
  • Using these technologies, they can easily achieve the high quality of printing and lineature that are obtainable in rotogravure print.
  • Production of packaging and packages is certified for compliance with international food safety standard BRC IoP Standart (HACCP).