Zubr Capital is the first company managing private equity funds in the Republic of Belarus

90 000 000$
Second closing ZCFI
IRR 25%
Target IRR of the fund's shareholders by the year 2014-2015
150 000 000$
Portfolio companies revenue in 2017
2 Funds

One of the strongest points of Zubr Capital is its back office. We work efficiently in the fields of strategic planning, financial modeling, HR policy development, corporate culture building as well as business process automation in order to achieve the highest labor efficiency. These technologies were developed in Atlant-M, then successfully tested in MTBank, implemented in Atlant Telecom, and now are being evaluated in Atlant Consult. These technologies work perfectly, and this is the reason why we always achieve the goals we set. We do not need to reinvent the wheel every time. We understand business development as an accurate and comprehensive use of technologies we have already developed by ourselves and tested in our business practice. Our knowledge, experience and technologies serve as our guarantee.

Oleg Khusaenov
Oleg Khusaenov

Target Return: Fund LPs IRR > 25%

LLC “Zubr Capital” acts as independent consultant of private equity funds and shall not confer any power or authority of any description to effect any dealings on behalf of its client, to negotiate or to enter into any transaction on behalf of, or in any way to bind its clients. LLC “Zubr Capital” acts in an advisory capacity only and not as a delegate, representative or agent of its clients.

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Investment priorities

Manufacturing companies focused on or showing potential for exporting their products to the CES

IT companies, residents of the High Technologies Park

Correspondence of the company’s size to the target investment value of the Fund

High potential for value growth of business


Zubr Capital has attracted investment in Realt.by
Zubr Capital invest in Myfin Group
Zubr Capital invest in Mila Group
Zubr Capital has attracted investments in MEDIACUBE
Zubr Capital invested in Targetprocess (IT).
Second Closing Zubr Capital Fund I at the size 90 mln USD
Zubr Capital invested in Softline (IT)
Zubr Capital invested in Uniflex (flexible packaging)
Zubr Capital invested in autoclassifide av.by
Zubr Capital invested in online hypermarket 21vek.by
Launching fund Zubr Capital Fund I at the size 50 mln USD
Exit from Atlant Telecom
Exit from MTBank
Zubr Capital invested in SoftClub
Zubr Capital was established