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IBM Successfully Completes Acquisition of Apptio Inc., Including Target process, ex-Zubr Capital Fund Investment
23 August 2023

A Strategic Move Expands IBM's Capabilities and Incorporates Zubr Capital's Portfolio Company into its Global Operations

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its position in the technology and enterprise management space, IBM has recently finalized its acquisition of Apptio Inc. This development marks a significant milestone in IBM's expansion efforts and has broader implications for the tech industry. What's more, this acquisition has brought another noteworthy aspect to light: the inclusion of Target process, a portfolio company of Zubr Capital, into IBM's growing ecosystem. 

IBM's acquisition of Apptio Inc. was officially completed on August 10, 2023, as announced in a press release by the technology giant. This move signals IBM's commitment to strengthening its capabilities in cloud-based software solutions and enterprise technology management. By absorbing Apptio's innovative products and expertise, IBM aims to provide its customers with enhanced insights and tools to manage their technology investments effectively.

Zubr Capital is pleased that our investment fund has joined Targetprocess on its successful journey.