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UHub PITCH DAY #2 in Warsaw
23 February 2023

Investment Director of Zubr Capital Nikita Krivelevich took part in UHub PITCH DAY #2. These are regular pitch sessions in Warsaw, for which they choose  6-8 entrepreneurs candidates to pitch in front of the investor panel.

For both founders and funders (entrepreneurs and investors) pitch competitions are excellent opportunities to mindfully connect, build community and promote innovation. Benefits for Startups:

  • Gain Warm Intros to Investors
  • Receive Feedback
  • Opportunity Abounds
  • Build Traction
  • Connect with Your Peer Community
  • Build Your Investor Relations Journey.

In addition to Zubr Capital, the event was attended by representatives of Flyer One Ventures - is an international VC with offices in Kyiv, London, and Warsaw, focusing on startups from the CEE region. 

Startups also received feedback from Mariusz Gąsiewski, CEE Mobile Gaming Lead at Google. 

Govar  - 1 place

Application for English speaking practice with other users who need English practice. How it works: user opens the app, chooses his English level, gets into a video call, and speaks English with other users from different countries. 

Ama Care - 2 place

Ama Care is the ultimate one-stop shop for beauty products shopping. We are building an innovative mobile app that allows users to easily access all the information they need to make informed purchases by simply snapping a picture of a product. This includes ingredients, key properties, product compatibility with the user's skin type, and, of the best price. In a way we are Vivino, but for beauty products.

FeelQueen - 3 place

FeelQuеen is an online beauty ecosystem with a marketplace for searching and booking beauty services and a SaaS platform for beauty salons and individual beauty professionals. And the audience award also went to FeelQueen.