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Zubr Capital launches own educational project “League of Analysts 3.0.”
29 September 2022

The investment company "Zubr Capital" is in partnership with the continuing the educational project for students "League of Analysts 3.0". The purpose of the educational program is to prepare students of specialized branches to work as investment or financial analysts.

The first edition of the League of Analysts took place back in 2019. Within the framework of the program, 50 boys and girls received specialized knowledge and a highly-paid profession.

The purpose of the training is to prepare students for the real work of an analyst. And every year the orientation of the program on practical knowledge increases. For example, this year part of the courses will be taught by Zubr Capital experts in order to teach students on real cases from their practice.

Moreover, each student of the League of Analysts will receive a personal mentor from the investment directors of Zubr Capital in order to fully engage in the real process of the investment company.

Another important innovation, the League of Analysts 3.0 is starting to accept students from other countries, as the Fund's portfolio companies are opening offices around the world.

“The knowledge students receive during their studies is unique and useful in any industry. In fact, after our course, the analyst will have all the knowledge and tools to analyze and model any hypothesis from the CEO of the company. Such specialists are indispensable for doing business. In addition, the students of the League are a bench of spare talents for Zubr Capital. Several guys are already working in our team, and we are very happy about this," - commented Oleg Khusaenov, CEO of the investment company Zubr Capital.

Classes in the “League of Analysts” will be held offline on the basis of, and online. The program is designed for 7 months and will include such disciplines as financial accounting and analysis, financial modeling, company valuation, capital markets, project management, company strategy, strategic marketing, presentation skills, and much more. In addition to training, students will receive practical tasks, a case championship, and master classes.

The result of the training will be preparing a diploma project based on the example of real company data. The best students will get their first job and a successful start to an analyst's career. 

"The ancient Greek playwright and philosopher Euripides once said: "He who neglects to learn in his youth is lost to the past and dead to the future“. team fully shares this opinion and is proud of the opportunity to be part of a project for young people. We promise that all our classes will be useful, practical, and, of course, entertaining.

  • Students of 3-4 courses of specialized universities (economic and mathematical specialties) can apply for an educational program.
  • Personal qualities are important – leadership, an active life position, consistency, analytical abilities, breadth of thinking, and openness to new knowledge and technologies. Priority will be given to students with a high level of English proficiency.
  • You can apply on the website: 
  • Enrollment is carried out on a competitive basis: based on the results of an interview and the completion of test tasks.