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Zubr Capital team visited Web Summit in Lisbon. Key points in brand and marketing
08 November 2019

In November, Lisbon hosts Web Summit, the largest technology conference in the world, in which is involved 70,000 participants, more than 1,200 speakers, including founders and managers of almost all well-known Internet projects and offline brands like Booking, Pinterest, eBay, Canva, Garmin, Facebook, Google, etc. Zubr Capital team attended the conference, and the company's brand manager Daria Ksenzova pointed out several key trends in brand and marketing for the nearest future.

Goodbye storytelling

The main word on all brand and communications panels is storyfeeling. Telling stories is not enough for new generation customers. They grew up in the world when every smart brand tells them stories. Storyfeeling, as the name implies, causes clients’ emotions, brings them out of balance. In the era of virtual communication, it is important for a new generation of consumers to get an emotional response from things they come across with.

Physical things matter

 Physical manifestations of brands are beginning to matter for Generation Z (those born after 1995). The abundance of digital products increases our desire to physically feel the brands with which you associate yourself. In this vein, the development of physical contact points is becoming increasingly relevant. For example, if we take music which could be found on different platforms, its physical manifestations are becoming very important - discs, records, etc. The new generation is ready to buy things to show its respect and involvement in the company and its values.

Fast sales will save you

The bad news for the sales departments is that the new generation does not want to wait days to receive the desired product. From ordering to receipt, it should take several hours, not several days. Exactly the same situation with downloads: everything that couldn’t be downloaded in just few seconds wouldn’t be downloaded at all.